Pet Friendly Hotels on the Oregon Coast

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Pet-Friendly Hotels & Vacation Rentals on the Oregon Coast

As fun and exciting as going on vacation is, many of us who have pets can never fully relax when we leave them at home. Is the dog panicking? Is the cat shredding something? Thankfully, many hotels and vacation rentals have become much more pet-friendly in recent years. This article is an introduction on how to find the best pet-friendly hotels for you and your family, on your road trip along the Oregon coast.

Finding a Pet Friendly Hotel on the Oregon Coast

It’s easy to find lists of pet-friendly hotels organized by state; but this is a road trip. Unfortunately, the pet-friendliest hotel in the world is useless to you if it’s in the northeast-Oregon city of Pendleton and you’re traveling along the western Oregon coast.

One excellent resource for finding a pet-friendly hotel along the Oregon coast is On their website, there is even a link to a map to help plan your trip.

Once you identify a pet-friendly hotel in the right area, always make sure to call ahead, verify the pet policy, and reserve your room(s). Policies change and every website is susceptible to outdated information; also, you’d never want to arrive at the only pet-friendly hotel for 20 miles and find out they’re full.

Pet-Friendly Itinerary

When you contact your hotel of choice, be sure to ask about requirements--licensing, vaccination records, that kind of thing. Many pet-friendly hotels don’t require it, but arriving and finding out that yours does would of course be the same as finding no vacancies.

As soon as you’ve identified your pet-friendly hotel of choice, find out the location and contact information of the nearest emergency veterinarian. Really, this should be considered the second half of finding a pet-friendly hotel.

It’s also always a good idea to make sure your pet’s license is up to date, which entails making sure their vaccinations are up to date as well. provides a useful checklist for when you’re planning a trip with your pet.

Pet-Friendly Vacation Rentals

Another option, of course, is a pet-friendly vacation rental. These are often owned by individuals who make their own rules so it can sometimes be easier to find one that allows pets.

In Lincoln City, for example, there are at least three pet-friendly vacation rentals. The nearest 24-hour veterinary hospital is about an hour away in Salem, which is an important factor to consider--but there are two clinics in town and one of them takes emergencies until 9pm every day but Tuesday and Thursday. Be sure to book in advance, as pet-friendly rentals are more in-demand!

Finding Your Pet-Friendly Hotel

Traveling with pets can be much more rewarding--and stressful--than without them. Thankfully, there are plenty of pet-friendly hotels to choose from these days--and even some pet-friendly vacation rentals. Plan your trip early to make sure that everything is in order and that the presence of your pet is much more rewarding than stressful!

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